AI Transformation of a Secured Lender

Helped a lender become market leader through AI transformation Challenge The client was a major equipment financing company which specialized in construction and mining equipment. However, their business processes were extremely manual and process driven – which impacted their agility. … Read More

AI-enabled Credit Policy for a Check-out Financing Product for a Major Retailer

Comprehensive AI-enabled credit policy outreach solution for one of India’s largest retailers, launching a check-out (POS) financing product based on transaction and alternate data. Challenge Our client was one of the top three retailers in India with sales across multiple … Read More

Predicting Placement Likelihood for an Education Loan Provider

Evaluating the likelihood of job placements — that a candidate is going to be placed in an organization post-course completion. Challenge The client wanted to evaluate the likelihood of job placements, that is, the possibility of a candidate getting a … Read More

Enterprise Data Lake to Facilitate Digital Transformation

Created a data lake on AWS which enabled the client, a major lender focused on secured retail lending, to conduct their digital and analytics transformation journeys. Challenge Lack of actionable data: The client had multiple applications for loan origination and … Read More

Data Lake Creation for a Major Lender

Created data lake to enable single version of truth across the organization and drive analytics and reporting for the entire organization. Challenge The data for a client was spread across different systems with no single custodian for different data sets. … Read More

Athena: Enterprise Dashboards for a Lender

Enterprise dashboards for different parts of client organization. Challenge The client wanted to move away from traditional spreadsheet based reporting – which was producing multiple information dump without any action nudges. Solution We leveraged Athena – our pre-existing canned suite … Read More

Dashboards for Measuring Portfolio Health of a Real Estate Financing Company

Monitored portfolio health of a real-estate financing company on a real-time basis via interactive query-based dashboards. Challenge The client has significant exposure to financing real-estate developers from whom the lender will get quarterly and monthly levels related to the status … Read More

Underwriting Decision Engine for Education Loans

Created an underwriting decisioning engine for a foreign education loan product Challenge The client was underwriting educational loans for students going to courses in foreign markets for post graduation studies. Since, the principal borrowers have limited financial and credit information, … Read More