About Us 

We are an open culture startup founded by IIM/IGIDR Alumni. Our work and solutions are focused on  financial services, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare industries. Culturally, we are a no hierarchy small  group, and one can expect a start-up life with a casual and relaxed environment with high levels of  accountability expected from everyone. 

Role and Requirements  

– Works well under pressure; can work within stringent timelines and collaborate across departments to  achieve results.  

– The successful candidate must be a self-starter, be able to manage multiple tasks and projects  simultaneously, own deliverables end to end, prioritize workload effectively, and thrive in a dynamic  environment.  

– Fluent in Python and familiar with popular libraries/tools like requests, Django, Flask, Json, Sqlalchemy. – SQL and database knowledge and familiarity with integrating them in web services. 

– Familiarity with data manipulation and transformation with python using pandas and numpy;  comfortable with structured and unstructured data. 

– Skilled in building RESTful API services, working with structured and unstructured databases and  communication with them through front-end applications. 

– Skilled at handling and visualizing data in the web using charting libraries (ChartJS, HighCharts). 

– Familiarity with AJAX, responsive design, interfacing front-end with web services, performing  validations in JavaScript, etc.