As per Gartner, in 2020,The lack of IT skills incurred worldwide losses totaling $390 billion

  • 82% of organizations can’t attract and retain the quality and quantity of engineers they need to build innovative technology
  • 91% organizations struggle with technical debt
  • Low access to data and poor internal communication lead to lack of vision of products and services

The Solution:

An Intelligent low code platform that grants the ability to produce applications through visual interfaces, such as Graphical User Interface (GUI), rather than text coding.

FlowXpert is a SaaS based solution that enables problem solvers to develop complex workflows, mobile and web applications and journeys irrespective of having prior programming experience.

The platform offers a family of tools to create journeys for digital applications visually, using the drag & drop interface and a configurable approach rather than writing thousands of lines of code.

Business users & IT can collaborate to build applications in any platform with modern interfaces, integrations, data, workflow, and business logic, to deliver results in record time.


  •  Drag and Drop UI & Journey Designer: Builds custom layouts, tables & validations
  • No-code Workflow Orchestration: Quickly create simple or complex workflows including parallel branches and conditional tasks
  • Built in support for complex business rules: Create your custom rule sets and processes
  • Access Control: Mitigate risks by preventing unauthorized users from accessing confidential data
  • Integrations & APIs: Connect your flows internally or with external applications


Reduced Resources

  • Reduced development costs by 3x.
  • Reduced Manual Dependency by upto 90%
  • Rapid Assembly Of Solutions By A Nontechnical Audience

Improved Performance

  • The freedom to focus on business development
  • Reusability of design and flows
  • Shortened project durations by approx 10x

Real Time App Generation

  • On the fly App/Web generation without deployment.
  • Platform agnostic (Mobile & Web)