Organizations struggle with a comprehensive 360-degree view because of data in silos and inconsistent and dynamic data sources. While most solutions focus only on providing insights from data, Customer360 focuses on the data itself, using advanced data engineering and deep learning.
You can achieve personalized journeys for your customers. Customer360 helps you deliver hyper-personalized experiences resulting in 40% increase in revenue, 30% improvement in marketing efficiency and 20% reduction in cost.

What we do


Unify your customer data

Customer360 aggregates customer data from disparate data sources in multiple data formats to provide a single view of your customer. This unified view enables enterprises to hyper-personalize experiences across preferred customer channels


Connect to Data Sources Easily

Quickly add/change data sources without affecting downstream users. Configure APIs to draw data from any of your existing data source. Customer360 can integrate with all major platforms and applications (Upstream/Downstream)


Achieve Single Source of Truth

It is 60% Faster and has an Automated ETL pipeline. AI/ML-driven industry specific embeddings enable real-time modelling and segmentation. Deep learning algorithms resolve complex identities resulting in enriched data, arming users with accurate actionable insights in under 8 weeks

What makes Customer360 different?

Our framework blends multiple operational and transactional data sources to create an on-demand analytical view across customer touchpoints for creating customer golden record.Customer360 Platform can ingest data from your MDM, ERP, CRM, or analytics systems and provide custom data transformation templates and visual reports.

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How can enterprises benefit from Customer360?


Business Benefits

• 1.6X faster TAT for data preparation
• Accelerated data ingestion saving hours of integration efforts
• Enhanced data mapping accuracy, enrichment and standardization
• Improvements to the bottom line and other measurable benefits (ROI, Conversion, Reactivation)


Robust Environment

• On-premises cloud capabilities
• Consumption based scalability. Improved storage and computing capabilities. Fully automated data pipeline
• Operates with agile methodology: rapidly testing, evaluating, adjusting, with greater emphasis on flexibility, security, and control


Predictive models for Augmented DS

• Dynamic segmentation and
Behavioral Clustering
• Predict customers likely to churn
propensity models
• Forecast customer lifetime value
• Personalization recommendation
• Inventory management

Just 15% of enterprises are customer-obsessed. We will help you to be one of them!

Gain a competitive advantage by making your data talk