Unique insights to your data

Our enablers are ready-to-use frameworks which help enterprises in faster adoption of AI solutions. While some of the enablers are focused on solving particular business problems, others are focused on resolving technical challenges.

Our enablers help deployment reduce timelines along the AI lifecycle


ADEF (Automated Data Engineering Framework)

Data ingestion and data engineering tool which helps in ingesting vast amount of data from different types of sources. ADEF's graph data based embedding framework helps in establishing relationships across various data sources automatically


AutoML framer

Modelling framework for quickly selecting and deploying models. AutoML Framer helps create a modelling framework which runs multiple modelling families and chooses the best model. Users can deep dive on the models or the best models are auto-selected for auto-refresh



Low code journey designer, API manager, and rule engine which helps even non-developers in quickly building logic and deploying AI applications. FlowXpert supports in democratizing AI by reducing the development cycle time by more than 50%

Our enablers help solve industry-specific problems


Predictive maintenance framework to help reduce maintenance costs

Customer 360

Single view of customers across multiple banking products and relationships for better engagement

Kwik Banking

Video enabled customer interaction platform

dsaas pharma

DSaaS Pharma Commercial

Data Science as a Service for Pharma Commercial Organizaton


Tail spend optimization tool for procurement operations