Data and analytics solution
Evaluating the likelihood of job placements — that a candidate is going to be placed in an organization post-course completion.

The client wanted to evaluate the likelihood of job placements, that is, the possibility of a candidate getting a placement in an organization post course completion.

Our proposal was to extract data from multiple sources; create a master data file with relevant information on colleges, courses, placements, industry, macro-economic indicators, etc.; and analyze  the factors to develop/update the parameter list.


As per the observed trends, we followed the given approach:

  • Focused on engineering undergraduate studies and science & technology postgraduate courses
  • Considered multiple credible data sources and ended up with 2000+ features for each segment
  • Shortlisted the features list to “23 most important features” for the preliminary scorecard
  • Created the co-applicant scorecard to be used in conjunction with the applicant scorecard. It mitigates the risk of defaults during the course.

Overall, we observed ~40% reduction in bounce from the worst-to-best categories. Also, there was ~37% reduction in bounce across categories.

Basis the scorecard, we recommended the use of differential strategies for the various score segments.

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