Monitored portfolio health of a real-estate financing company on a real-time basis via interactive query-based dashboards.


The client has significant exposure to financing real-estate developers from whom the lender will get quarterly and monthly levels related to the status of real-estate projects.

The client experienced delays and inaccuracy because their portfolio monitoring reporting system was manual and there was an absence of a centralized source of data.

To increase efficiency, the client wanted to create an interactive Business Intelligence(BI) Dashboard for performing trend analysis and monitoring the health of their real-estate finance portfolio on a real-time basis.


To help the client on its journey, we created a Red-Amber-Green (RAG) dashboard as well as a query-based BI dashboard to appropriately assess risk at different stages of loan for relevant action.

We created the SQL-based data mart that was able to handle all the analytics and reporting requirements of the client.

We also created self-service dashboards with drill-down provisions for micro-level monitoring of their real-estate finance portfolio on a real-time basis. All the visualization was deployed using Tableau.


We monitored portfolio health with user-friendly BI dashboards. We were capable to drilldown to contract-level information using multiple metrics.

Consequently,we reduced the workload of 3 employees with our solutions.