About us

Think360 is a full-stack data science company building on ideas powered by data. Our team  develops innovative solutions and works with clients across the globe. Our vision is to be the  most comprehensive data science partner for our clients, collaborators, stakeholders, and  partners. 

We are an evolving company and care very much about creating an amazing work  environment with great growth opportunities. We hope that you will join us early on and help  shape a bright and exciting future for our ambitious company. 

As the Visual Communications Senior Associate/Manager, you will design elegant marketing  and education materials for both internal and external dissemination. You will also be  integral to our dynamic brand identity. 

You will enjoy working at Think360 if you: 

  •  Are a dreamer, a doodler, an artist, a writer—someone who equally excited by data,  graphs, marketing and strategy as by video, fonts, colors and graphics. • Are an inherent storyteller and believe in the power of aesthetics and design as  invaluable tools for creating meaningful and informative experiences. 
  • Are excited to help build the firm brand—not just designing creative artifacts but also  progressing the brand. 
  • Like variety in your work—you want to flex all your creative muscles on a regular  basis instead of just designing emails all day. 
  • Enjoy experimenting with new and different media and software to design content. • Are comfortable in an autonomous work environment but can also spend time  strategizing with a team. 
  • Are detailed-oriented and methodical—you are driven to design crisp content but also  know how to manage expectations instead of making things “perfect”.
  • Are a multi-tasker with impeccable time-management skills and an unflappable  personality that allows you to control the chaos and thrive in a fast-paced  environment. 

This position might not be for you if you: 

  • Do not like investing your skills, time and efforts to multiple projects simultaneously. • Lean towards perfection rather than product completion within timelines. • Prefer to have a defined structure about work and are unwilling to pivot when  necessary. 
  • Are not comfortable with receiving or giving constructive feedback. 

Job responsibilities 

  •  Excel formulas, macros and VBA coding experience are a must.
  • Data analysis, reporting, and Program Management experience are a must.
  • Dashboarding in Excel and PPT is a must.
  • R/Python programming is a plus.
  • 4-5 years of relevant experience.
  • MBA is a plus.

If you have read or scrolled this far AND are interested in applying, fill out the form below  and submit : 

  • Your resume. 
  • A link to your portfolio, demonstrating your design, illustration, and/or animation skills. • A cover letter telling us about why you want to work for our company and what  thoughts you have about our brand. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact : www.Think360.ai